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image by Arif Gardner

Are you looking for something unusual for your next event? Mindreading or Mentalism is intriguing and different – something that will be a great talking point and leave the audience buzzing with excitement?

As one of the top mindreaders in the UK, Alex has developed a unique, yet affordable show which intrigues the minds of the most cynical of guests!

“Step aside Derren Brown, David Blaine get back in your box, because the Alex Crow show alone is enough to blow your mind!” – Eleanor McGillie (Herald Express)

Whether performing an after dinner show, walkabout mindreading and “weird stuff” at a party or networking event, or gathering prospects on a stand at a trade show, Alex is sure to leave your guests with something that will be talked about for weeks and even years to come!

“If you ever get a chance to see this guy, do it. Alex is the most amazing magician on the planet. What he does is simply beyond comprehension. I just shake my head and keep saying to myself – “what the %$#@?” If you see an ad for his show – go and see him but be warned, you’ll be left totally confused!
Oh, and he plays a mean ukulele ” (Steve Laue – passenger on Pacific Princess cruise ship)

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  • Parties
  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Product Launches
  • Training Days
  • Client Events
  • Networking Events
  • and more…show3small

“The feedback I’ve gotten concerning Alex at our lunch is that he was absolutely amazing. Very funny, yet non-intrusive and he managed to lift the atmosphere for the whole event. We’ve had many positive responses from clients as well. Even Holly at the Mandarin told me, she’d definitely recommend him for some of her clients. For entertainment that should be a bit “unusual” he definitely did the trick and we were absolutely thrilled.” Pernille BBH (Brown Brothers Harriman)

Call on 07946 494932 or email Alex now to find out how he can make your next event truly memorable!