Alex Crow served for 15yrs in the Metropolitan Police in London and then left to pursue his wild dreams of performing for a living as a mindreader.

about Alex CrowAfter years of studying body language, NLP, Psychology and with a healthy dose of intuition and many other techniques, Alex is now regarded as one of the top mind readers in the UK and whether performing walkabout or in a cabaret setting, you can be sure that this will be the talking point of your event!

Regardless of where he is performing, the focus is always on the people he is entertaining. Imagine their surprise when he names their child and the time it was born, details of when and where they met their partner, what they were doing at the time and their first impressions of each other!

 “Oh Bloody Hell!” – Fern Britton (This Morning)

Being able to tell truth from lies, duplicate unseen drawings and knowing exactly what they are thinking at any given time are just some of the amazing things that Alex is able to do with no prior knowledge of the guests, and this, along with his easy going, professional, confident demeanour ensures that he is constantly in demand.

A couple of years ago, Alex was approached to be a contestant on Come Dine With Me.  Regarded as one of the best episodes ever, this is repeatedly shown all over the world – here is an edited version of the highlights:

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