The Magic of BGT!

Last weekend was the final of the 2019 Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) and it was lovely to see magic so well represented, but before I talk about that, a quick mention of a couple of great acts that didn’t make it al the way through..

Jimmy Tamley

BGT semi finalist Jimmy Tamley

Jimmy is one of the best ventriloquists in the UK and also one of the nicest chaps you could wish to meet. I have worked with Jimmy on many cruise ships and corporate events and he always goes down a storm. Unfortunately, he was hampered in his selection of material by the wishes of the producers which ultimately ended up with Simon Cowell storming offstage, leaving a slightly bemused Jimmy and David Williams to finish off the routine. I felt so sorry for Jimmy, because I feel that had he been allowed to choose his own material and use some of his brilliant puppets (Les the boxer is hilarious) I am sure he would have done better. You can check out his website here

John Archer

BGT semi finalist John Archer

Also failing at the semi-final stage, John is one of the funniest guys on the circuit and a brilliant magician as well – he also plays a mean ukulele! Both of John’s routines in the heats and the semi finals were great, but unfortunately he was competing with Colin Thackery (the eventual winner) and comedian Kojo. On any other night he probably would have gone through. Find out more about John here

The Finals

Of the 10 acts in the finals, four were magicians – a huge change around from the situation a few years ago when magic was classed as a bit of a joke.


BGT finalists 4MG

The “Boy Band of Magic” – these four lads have a charming way about them, each time performing a number of routines on each of the panel members. Considering their age and their lack of experience, they should be very proud of themselves and I think we will be seeing a lot more of them in the future.

Jonathan Goodwin.

BGT finalist Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan is a well established magician and escapologist – he is starring in the stage show The Illusionists this Summer in the West End. Doing very scary feats of escapology which kept us on the edge of our seats, Jonathan is thrilling to watch and a consummate professional. More about Jonathan here.

Siobhan Phillips

BGT finalist Siobhan Phillips

Whilst not magic, Siobhan is a great performer and also a good friend. Again, someone that I got to know on the cruise ships. Performing humorous songs in a Victoria Wood style she is charming and very funny. Probably what is not so obvious, due to the style of the songs, is that she has a brilliant voice, almost in the style of Cher. Siobhan would be great on the panel of Loose Women and I was so pleased that she made it through to the final.

Ben Hart

BGT finalist Ben Hart

Elegant, sophisticated with superb sleight of hand, Ben is a true master of his art and a joy to watch. He is also a lovely guy and very modest and unassuming. Ben also consults for theatres when they need to put a magical element into a play or show. Some of his work can be seen in the touring production of the Exorcist. Look out for him on tour later this year. Here is his website

Magician “X”

BGT finalist Magician X

Well, what can I say about this? Marc Spelmann is one of my best friends in magic so I was thrilled when it was revealed that he was the person behind the mask. The magic was brilliantly done, the reveal was amazing and I am sure that Marc will go on to even greater heights. Check out Marc’s website here

What of BGT 2020? Will we see magic continue to feature heavily? I hope so, as it is clear that there is a great demand from the public to see this sort of entertainment. There are more and more live magic shows around the UK, so there are plenty of chances to see it “in the flesh”. In a couple of weeks time I am going to see David Blaine (as far as I know, the first time he has performed live in the UK). I’ll let you know what I think..


Ps. Having an event and want something interactive, fast paced and tailored specially for you? Check out my after dinner show page

The Best Magicians in London!

When it comes to booking a close – up magician for your event, there are so many to choose from that it can be bewildering. There are literally hundreds around, some brilliant and some, to be honest, pretty awful. So who will get your guests gasping in amazement rather than sniggering in embarrassment?

Often the first choice is to check out Google. However, these days, it is very easy to put together a very impressive website with loads of quotes (whether they be genuine or not) and so this can’t be relied on to judge whether someone will be suitable for your event. Videos are generally a fairly good indication and you can normally spot the cheesy, semi-amateur magician from the top pro’s, but again, they can be edited to look brilliant when in reality the performer is decidedly average…

Although I started off in magic, I gave it up quite a few years ago to concentrate on mindreading (as I mentioned, there are hundreds of magicians in the UK, but no more than a dozen full time, professional mindreaders). However, a great many of my friends are brilliant magicians who I work with on a fairly regular basis. So I thought it might be a good idea to highlight some of my favourite London magicians who will definitely not let you down and ensure your guests have a great time. So, in no particular order:

Nick Einhorn

The best magicians in London - Nick Einhorn

Nick is an amazing close-up and stage magician. Very creative and a lovely chap, Nick fooled Penn and Tellar on their TV series Fool Us. I’ve worked with Nick on many occasions and he always goes down brilliantly – check out his website here


The best magicians in London - Sav

I have mentioned Sav in my blogs before – my best friend in magic and a superb performer. Super cool and often to be seen at celebrity parties. Check out his website here

Etienne Pradier

The best magicians in London - Etienne Pradier

Fancy having the magician who entertains the Royals at your event? Suave and sophisticated Etienne has been wowing British audiences for years. Again a Penn and Tellar “Fool Us” winner, this French close-up magician is sure to be a hit. Check out his website here

David Redfearn

The best magicians in London - David Redfearn

I first met David while we working on a TV series called “Astounding Celebrities” for ITV many years ago – David performs incredibly strong magic and I just love his “cheeky chappie” persona. Find out more about him here

Brendan Patricks

The best magicians in London - Brendan Patricks

It may be possible that you will recognise his face, because as well as being a great close up magician, Brendan is a very successful actor with appearances in Downton Abbey, Fearless, Traitors and In the Club as well as many films. Sickeningly good looking and a lovely chap, check out his website here

So, I hope this has been useful. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but if you book any of these guys you certainly won’t go wrong.

And if you want something to complement the magic – what about close up mindreading or an after dinner show from yours truly?


A Magical Weekend!

Last Saturday I, along with 6,000 other people, went along to the Wembley arena to see a magic show like no other – The Ehrlich Brothers. Then it was home to watch catch up of BGT with spots by two good friend a magical weekend indeed!

A magical weekend with the Ehrlich Brothers

If you haven’t heard of them I wouldn’t be surprised as they are virtually unknown in the UK. In Germany however, they are superstars and embark on huge tours filling stadiums of up to 40,000 people! But, this was their first show in the UK and their first show in English – how would it go?

So, it was with great excitement that I, along with many fellow magicians sat waiting for the show to begin. And what a show it was! With many huge and original illusions, plus some lovely interactive smaller pieces in the audience, this was superb to watch. Often, I find illusion shows a little “cheesy”, but the brothers were charismatic, humorous (with quite a few quips about brexit) and charming. There is clearly great rapport between the two of them and I can’t wait for their next show (20th September 2020).

Britain’s Got Talent

Magical Weekend with BGT

Yes, it is that time of the year again and with many brilliant magicians on the show this year, there will plenty to watch. The first show this season featured a bizarre magician, Elizabeth, who scared Amanda Holden with a story about ghosts – an unusual act and it will be interesting to see what she does in the next round.

Magical weekend with scary Elizabeth

Siobhan Phillips

Magical Weekend with good friend and funny lady Siobhan Philips

It was brilliant to see two very good friends from the cruise ships on this week’s show. Siobhan is a comedy vocalist who I’ve met on numerous occasions on the ship. She sang an original composition at the piano about the pleasures and pains of being a mum. Very funny and quite reminiscent of Victoria Wood. She got through to the next round and I’m sure that again we will see her at the piano with a funny number. What you don’t get to appreciate is that she has got a really great voice, sounding a bit like Cher – it will be interesting to see if she gets a chance to show it off.

Jimmy Tamley

Magical Weekend watching good friend and true pro Jimmy Tamley on BGT

I first met Jimmy when we worked together at an awful Christmas gig – there was a stage which was only 3 feet wide, a spotlight which literally shone a circle of light on your chest, leaving the rest in darkness and a very loud bar at the back! I did my bit, but then someone from the company who was an amateur magician took to the stage and went on and on and on. Finally, by the time Jimmy came to go on, only about 10 people were left! Being the true pro he is, he got them to gather around and gave them a brilliant show. Jimmy is truly a legend and I have worked with himmany times since on the cruise ships and he has to be one of the nicest blokes you could ever hope to meet. For his BGT audition he did a very funny bit with two masks for David Williams and Amanda Holden. He is through to the next round where I hope he gets an opportunity to do his routine with his boxer puppet – if he does, I guarantee you will be crying with laughter!

Let’s see what next week brings…


Fiddler on the Roof!

Fiddler on the Roof

Last night I went to the Playhouse Theatre in London to see the recent transfer of Trevor Nunn’s Fiddler on the Roof and what a night it was!

Tevye and his girls in Fiddler on the Roof

The amazing set, designed by Robert Jones, is dark, gloomy and impoverished and, extending out into the audience seems to bring you into the very heart of Anatevka. Having never seen Fiddler before, I was surprised at how many songs I actually knew from the show – the arrangements and the band were superb. The dancing numbers were great fun – even if, as I was sitting in the 2nd row, I did worry at times that the dancers were going to drop into my lap!

Andy Nyman as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof

The whole cast were great, but special mention should be given to Judy Kuhn as the long suffering wife Golde and Andy Nyman as the central character Tevye. In a role which has become synonymous with Topol, Andy truly makes it his own with a powerhouse performance which is at times funny, poignant and brilliantly moving. Everyone knows the song “If I were a Rich Man” but Andy gives it a new lease of life and I guarantee you’ll be singing it on your way home.

I’m normally a bit wary of “old school” musicals and prefer the more up to date style (Phantom, Mormon, Les Mis etc) but I have to say that this is a brilliant night out and as it is only on for a limited run, I would urge you to do whatever you can to get a ticket to Fiddler on the Roof while you have a chance!


Have a good week

Alex Crow

A new twist to a well known venue

Last night I was working at an event on the Silver Sturgeon. For those that don’t know, this is a boat on the Thames which is part of the Woods’Silver Fleet.

silver sturgeon

I have performed on this lovely boat many times over the past 10 years, but this time was different….

Normally the boat (which can seat over 400 for dinner) takes the guests on a trip up and down the Thames, but this time it was moored up alongside the Savoy Pier for the whole evening for a networking event.

This worked brilliantly as it meant that guests didn’t have to arrive at the same time and could leave as and when they wished. In total, about 500 people passed down the gangplank during the course of the evening!

food on the silver sturgeon

The food, as always was superb – instead of a sit down meal, there were food stations with bowl food. It is amazing how the galley can create such fantastic dishes which are always of an incredibly high standard – as good as any venue I have ever worked in (and a lot better than many).

The company that I was working for had used the boat for at least the past 3 years and it is easy to see why. It is very accessible as it is so close to London’s West End and the upstairs deck means that the smokers don’t have to hang around the entrance of a building as in many venues. In fact the upper deck was very busy all night as the view of the south bank is lovely when lit up.

So next time you are looking for a venue for your event, why not consider the Silver Sturgeon as a static venue? For more information check out their website or get in touch with Andrea for more info [email protected]

Have a good week


Blackpool Magic Convention!

Every year in February, Blackpool plays host to the largest magic convention in the world. This year, over 4000 magicians converged on the resort! After not having been for a number of years, I was eagerly anticipating meeting up with friends old and new, swapping ideas and stories and seeing some of the greatest magicians and mindreaders strutting their stuff on the huge stage at the Winter Gardens.

The convention didn’t disappoint – Dutch illusionist Hans Klok with an amazing illusion act, Mandy Muden from BGT was lovely, as was my good friend Marc Spelmann. The highlight for me was watching Chinese close up magician Eric Chien perform his award winning act:

To see this live was incredible – it genuinely looked like real magic happening before your eyes!

Another highlight for me was to watch Paul Zenon perform his one man show “Linking Rings”. This is a very moving piece of theatre where Paul talks about his early days in magic and in particular his times helping out in the House of Secrets in Blackpool. He also talks about Houdini and his side-kick Jim Collins. Although Paul does perform a couple of magic routines during the show, it is really about his relationship with shop owner Bill Thompson. It is genuinely very moving and a show that you must catch if it is ever in your area.

There were some disappointments – there was an awful compere with racist jokes and a very annoying routine (I never want to hear another kazoo as long as I live). I was also disappointed with a well known mindreader (who shall remain nameless). After having had great success on AGT and various touring shows I was looking forward to seeing him perform. He was obviously very polished and a good performer, but he also came across as very arrogant and aggressive! No-one seemed to warm to him and the spectators he got on stage to help were berated for anything they misheard or did slightly wrong. This seemed to be the general opinion of everyone I spoke to at the convention. Whether it was the pressure of performing in front of many of his peers or the consequence of the TV coverage and stardom, this did not make for an enjoyable performance. You have to make the audience like you before you do anything. In fact, I would say that this is the most important thing to achieve when you perform on stage. You can be the best performer in the world, but if the audience doesn’t like you then you are not going to last for long! It will be interesting to see what happens to him in the future.

On the other hand, Dynamo gave a talk about various aspects of his life. What a lovely, humble and genuine person he is! He made sure that the younger members of the audience were sat at the front, as much of what he said was aimed at them, giving them advice on how to succeed in the business.

Although no longer a magician in the strictest sense, I still enjoy watching great magic and always come away inspired and motivated. Roll on February 2020!

Old Year – New Year!

Happy New Year to you all and I wish you all the very best for 2019!

Before I talk about the new year, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at some of the highlights from 2018…

I am always working on new material and tweaking old routines and I have added a few new bits into my stage show over the past year.  I have to say that I honestly think it is the best it has ever been.  There are some great new moments with incredible predictions, an audience member influencing another audience member’s mind and most importantly, some really strong surprises.  The reaction has been stupendous and that along with the increasingly tailored feel to the show means that clients are very happy.

I also have some great new material in my close up act, again with the option of personalising it for the event.  Very direct mindreading which hits really hard and causes gasps of astonishment.

There were company re-brandings, awards dinners, weddings both in the UK and abroad, motivational shows, private parties, charity events and much more.

New Website

One of the highlights of the year for me was the launching of my new website

Running my 1 and 2 hour workshops on preventing and dealing with stress in the workplace has been an absolute joy for me.  It is so good to feel that I can give much more than “just” entertainment!  Practical techniques and exercises in a fun, interactive workshop mean that the attendees go away with all the tools they need to cope with the demands of work and home.  Feedback has been incredible and demand is increasing day by day.  Please check out the website above to find out more.

It’s a hard life!

My final gig in 2018 was in the Maldives!  I was lucky enough to be flown out to Soneva Fushi to perform some walkabout mindreading on this incredibly beautiful private island in temperatures of 30C – Paradise!

So, that was 2018 – now what can I offer you for this year’s events?

Let’s make a new year resolution to banish boring events with the same old tired entertainment and give our guests something to talk about that is different and will be remembered long after the last canapé has been swallowed!

Walkabout Mindreading and “weird stuff”

Great for networking events, drinks receptions, parties, trade shows etc.  Powerful mindreading that produces gasps of astonishment – revealing thoughts, duplicating unseen drawings, making things move of their own accord and more.  Fast, punchy and memorable! For information on walkabout mindreading click here

After Dinner Show

For conferences, awards galas, dinner parties and more.  Suitable for all size of audience from 10 – 1000.  A 45 minute specially tailored show with multiple moments of amazement and laughter where an audience member sees something which isn’t there, someone learns how to influence someone else’s mind, amazing predictions are made and revealed and a woman is told the name of her child and the time it was born and finds to her astonishment that my watch (that  has been isolated in a box since the start of the show) has the exact same time on it!  To find out more, click here

Conference speaking

A fun presentation that entertains as it informs. Giving powerful and memorable messages about the risk of failure, body language, rapport, memory techniques, the worst word in the world for productivity and the benefits of going outside your comfort zone – demonstrated with a thrilling version of Russian Roulette!  Perfect as a wake up session at the beginning of a training day or conference, in the dreaded after dinner slot or as the final presentation in the day to get everyone in a great frame of mind as they leave.  More details here

Have a good week




A Christmas Message


As the festive season continues, I thought I would just take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

As we go into 2019 we face a potentially unsettling year, with concerns over the implications of Brexit still hanging over our heads.  So, I thought it may be worthwhile to repost a blog from my other website which I wrote a few weeks ago regarding this:

A Stress Free Brexit?

As the date gets ever nearer, it is no wonder that many businesses and business owners are worried about the effects of Brexit.  Unfortunately, a lot of the time this worry causes panic. This often results in hasty actions, and these can be potentially very damaging to the business.  So, how can we make Brexit “stress free”. How do we ensure that our businesses will be in the best possible position, no matter what happens? Here then, are my tips for a stress free Brexit!

Many of the worries are caused by uncertainty. Even with all the “expert opinion” that is spouted out from various sources, we don’t really know what is going to happen and how it will affect the markets and our business.  It is this uncertainty and lack of control which causes the stress and worry, which can trigger the panic.

What if’s

The first tip is to spend some time working out “what if” scenarios and how we will deal with every situation.  “If this happens the we can do this”

As an analogy, let us say that you are taking your old beloved car in for an MOT but you are not sure whether it will pass.  The what if’s could be “What if it fails?” Answer – “I will see how much it is going to cost to get it through the test.  If it is over £1000 then it isn’t financially viable for it to be repaired so I will buy a new car.  If it is under that amount then I will get it repaired and it will pass the test.  At least then I know I have at least 1 year before I have to go through this again.”  “What if I have to buy a new car – where will I get the money from?” Answer” I will try and get a bank loan/borrow from relatives etc/ max out my credit card to buy the car”  “what if I can’t get money that way?” Answer “I will make do without a car until I can afford one – millions do and it might work out cheaper in the end anyway”

So, do you see what we have done here?  By asking the questions, we have come up with solutions to every potential problem and this way we eliminate a huge amount of worry and stress because we know what we are going to do – we feel back in control!

The Tardis Trick

A lot of the time, worries and stress seem to be all consuming but the fear and anticipation is often much worse than the reality.  So, to get a better perspective on Brexit (or any problem you are facing for that matter), imagine that you have your own personal Tardis (mine would be  captained by either David Tennant or Jodie Whittaker!).  In your Tardis you time travelled 6 months, a year or even 5 years into the future after Brexit.  How would you feel about it then?  A good way to tap into this feeling is to look at a time in your life when you were going through a rough patch and see how you feel about it now.  Quite often, although at the time it may have been very difficult, a few years down the line we wonder what all the fuss was about. Things sorted themselves out in the end – they generally do….

What to do now?

At the moment we are in a state of suspension – waiting to see what will happen. Our customers may be in the same state and consequently, they may be holding off purchasing or making decisions until they know the consequences of Brexit.  The trouble is – when do we stop just doing nothing?  When do we make a decision that the consequences of Brexit are complete?  The answer of course is that we can’t know, so in theory, we could be waiting for ever.

So what should we do?  Well, I would suggest that now is the perfect time to make sure that your company or business is in the best possible shape to deal with the challenges ahead.  To go back to our analogy of the car with the MOT, the time before the MOT is due would be the perfect time to check the stuff you can do yourself. Check the tyres, water levels etc , possibly even book it in for a service. This way the car would have a better chance of getting through the test.

This is the same for a business. Now is the perfect time to see how you can make your business as efficient as you can – look at all the different parts of the business model and see where each part can be improved.

A great technique to try out!

A great technique that a friend taught me was to have loads of small slips. On each one write a part of the business process and then place them on the table or floor as a time line of how your business works.  Place them from the initial enquiry to the final sale (if your business is sales based for example). Put extra slips and different paths away from the main timeline for any variables. I think you will be surprised at how many separate steps there are. Now you can look at each step and see how you can make each one better in some way. I’m betting you will find many things that can be done right now.  Things that don’t cost a lot of money but will get your business into a much stronger position to deal with any challenges that Brexit brings up.

Just sitting around waiting and working really is the worst thing to do. Have a plan of action – set your what if’s and make any improvements you can now. Above all, realise that generally, things have a way of working themselves out. A few years down the line we will probably be wondering why we were so worried about Brexit!

To find out about the stress workshops that I run for preventing and dealing with stress in the workplace, click here

Alex Crow

Thoughts on a walk….

I try and go for a least one “ramble” a week in my home county of Kent.  I love going for a walk in the country, getting out of the office and “recharging my batteries”.  At times, as I’m strolling along I come up with a great new idea, thought or concept, often generated by what is happening around me.  Often these happenings transform themselves very neatly into metaphors that inspire me and motivate me, and I thought I’d share a couple which I have recently come across:


The Birdwatcher

A while ago I was following a walk which went through a bird reserve.  Mostly marshland I was happily strolling along not really paying attention to anything but with thoughts buzzing around my head when a man coming the other way with a couple of pairs of binoculars and a camera and notebook spoke to me.  “Anything about?” he asked.  I mumbled that I hadn’t seen anything.  He then went on to tell me all he had seen on his walk.  He mentioned orange tipped something or another, some type of frittary and numerous other things which I can only assume were either birds or butterflies.  I smiled and pretended that I know exactly what he was talking about and carried on walking.  But interestingly from then on for the rest of the walk, I was acutely aware of the butterflies, insects, birds and other creatures that I saw.  Of course, I didn’t know exactly what they were but the point is that until this conversation, I hadn’t noticed them at all.  It then struck me that this is very much like our communication with others.  Quite often we miss very obvious signs because we are not looking for them.  Sometimes we are so caught up in what we are saying that we take no notice of what the other person is saying wither verbally or non verbally.  Now, much like me with the butterflies, you may not be aware of what the various signs that people give off mean, but if you at least become aware of them, you can at least see whether the person you are talking to is bored, anxious, excited, cross, happy etc etc.  But, until you decide to become aware, you will miss these signs which could take your communication to another level.

Footpath blocked by Nettles

The less trod path

A couple of weeks ago I was again on a walk through deepest Kent when I came across a footpath which clearly hadn’t been used in some time.  It was quite narrow anyway, but the stinging nettles were over six feet high and went right across the path, making it very difficult to pass.  Luckily, I had a long sleeved coat with a hood in my rucksack, so I put that on and pushed my way through and only got stung a couple of times.  When I got through to the other side it struck me that this was a great metaphor for our progress in life.  If you take the less trod path, there will be nettles!  Often we come to a crossroads in our life and there are two or more ways we can go.  Usually one or more seems easier, less risky and normally that is because we would doing the same as everyone else.  Sometimes one option will seem much harder than the others, again, often because it is brand new or not been tried by many people.  Which route is best?  Which is most satisfying?  To do the same as everyone else or to strike out on your own, stick with what you believe in, your vision and be prepared for some rough times – because there will be nettles!  There will be things that get in your way, obstacles, objections, dead ends and false turns.  But when you eventually get where you are going to, think how much more satisfied you would be!  I love North Wales and I remember climbing Snowdon.  There are many routes to the top and many people take the standard route and if you do, you are literally following a line of people, one behind the other to get to the top.  I was lucky enough to climb it with a walking group and whilst we walked up the standard way (although from the lowest point) we came down on a much less used route over the ridges. Yes, the way up was ok, the view at the top was great – but the route down….It was incredible!  No-one else in view except our group and some truly breathtaking views.  Definitely a better route than the way up, even though it was hard work and quite scary in places. So, pack your rucksack with a protective coat and go for a walk on the wild side!

So there you go – a couple of thoughts to inspire and motivate on this very hot day:-)

Have a good week




The best singing waiters I’ve ever seen!


As you can imagine, working in the event business, I come across many different groups of “singing waiters”.  For the uninitiated (and there can’t be many people now who haven’t seen this type of entertainment), you have a group of waiters (normally 3 or 4) who help to serve food during the meal and then, normally during desert one of them will announce that they are leaving the company and it is their last day (sometimes someone dressed as the head chef) and they have been dared to sing.  Then a couple of other waiters and sometimes one of the “guests” magically produce microphones and join in.  Occasionally it will start off with an argument between staff which culminates in them singing.  It always goes down very well, but has been so overdone that rarely is it much of a surprise.

singing waiters

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of performing at the Chester City Club Ball where I witnessed the best performance by one of these style of groups.  They call themselves “Undercover Artists” and they are utterly brilliant.  What makes them so good?  Well, most of the groups tend to sing light opera and light musical pieces and whilst everyone enjoys it, I’ve never seen the reaction that these guys got on Saturday.  Yes, they started with the obligatory “Nessun Dorma” but then went on for a full 30 minute performance culminating with Uptown Funk.  Literally everyone was on their feet dancing on the floor and tables – what a reaction!  Check out the video to get an idea.  Here is a link to their website:


This morning I had a lovely phone call from Nick Spall, the President of the Chester City Club to say thank you and how great the feedback was from everyone at the event.  It made me laugh when he said that he knew where I was all evening because he could gasps of astonishment wherever I was performing!

Finally, just a quick word of commiseration to my two friends Marc Spelmann and Mandy Muden who got knocked out of BGT in the semi-finals.  Both did really well to get this far and performed brilliantly.  I know that we will all be hearing from them again.

Have a good week