Conference Speaking

From Crimebuster to Mindbuster!

Conference Speaking

Conference Speaking

Would you like your team to be able to:

  • communicate more effectively
  • gain instant rapport
  • give powerful presentations
  • become motivated
  • increase sales

This and much more will they take away from this conference presentation!

You may not immediately associate a conference presentation with a Mindreader.  However, external speakers are often invited to training days and conferences to add a little extra to the day, often giving a different perspective to either motivate or educate the audience.

Conference Speaking with a difference!

One hour of interactive entertainment and education, featuring highlights from Alex’s cabaret show – along with the science behind some of it. But there is more!  Alex also imparts  loads of useful tips on practical NLP, body language skills, effective communication, memory techniques and presentation skills.  Alex is also able to incorporate company products or expand on the main themes of the conference during his presentation. This is something which your audience will remember long after the training day/conference is over and many of the learnings, whether picked up consciously or subconsciously will be used by the attendees in all areas of their lives.

Working together and making a presentation that will go down a storm and create positive change!

Every conference speaking proposal starts with a consultation between Alex and the organisers, discussing the themes of the conference. Any important underlying messages and how we can build them into the show are also fleshed out.  Alex then comes up with a proposal incorporating these ideas. We then tweak as necessary to ensure that the presentation will be one that everyone enjoys, remembers and talks about and, most importantly, creates positive change in the audience.

Contact Alex now to find out how he can make your next conference truly memorable!

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