Meet one of my friends…

Sometimes a particular event is not really suitable for a mindreading act – this is particularly so if it is very noisy and you need something loud and spectacular to stun the crowds and create a real “wow”.  Now don’t get me wrong – mindreading is very strong and does, I believe, create a stronger impression than any other type of  “magic” type acts, particularly because it is more believable.  But, the crux is that the spectators have to listen and pay attention – if they do, I can pretty much guarantee that they will be blown away, and, all modesty aside, I am pretty good at getting the attention of a crowd and making them sit up and take notice.

However, there are certain situations when mindreading is not the best fit and when it is clear that it will not be possible to get the audience to pay attention and watch, then I always recommend that the client think about an illusionist.  An illusionist specialises in the big impressive tricks with loud music and girls jumping in and out of boxes and is almost guaranteed to get the most rowdy of crowds watching.  Like mindreaders, illusionists are a rare breed and there are only a few in the UK that I would recommend, but top of my list is Sean Alexander.

Sean is a great magician and a lovely chap too.  We met a few years ago whilst working on the same cruise ship and have been good friends since.  Check out his showreel below  and you will see how good he is and if you need and more information – check out his website here.


Have a good weekend.