The Mind Lab

Although the Dark Parlour is very popular, some clients have asked for something not quite so “dark”, but love the idea of mind reading.  This is where The Mind Lab comes into it’s own.  Like The Dark Parlour this is totally unique to Alex and comes complete with table and props. However, instead of skulls, stuffed crow, candles and incense there are weird scientific and pseudo scientific apparatus. Phrenology head, plasma ball, victorian electro therapy shock machines and other “weird” stuff!

Not so spooky as the Dark Parlour – but still pretty weird!

Alex sits behind the table surrounded by his equipment and people come up, sit down and are entertained. Demonstrations of ESP, telepathy, telekinesis  and other things of a “mind reading” nature take place.  Great fun and very different – why not book it for your next event.

Below is a short “mood” film, which gives an idea of what it looks like – think moving photo than a video of Alex performing …


Lab coat is optional!

Some frequently asked questions…

  • Is this suitable for any event? – Yes, the Mind Lab is used with great success all year round for parties, corporate client events, award ceremonies – even at Christmas!
  • What do I need to supply? – If you can supply a table and five chairs, Alex will bring everything else along to make sure the set looks amazing.
  • How long does a performance typically last? – Due to the popularity of the Mind Lab, Alex normally performs for up to 4 hours to ensure everyone gets a chance to enjoy the experience
  • Does it have to be in a separate room? – No, Alex has used the Mind Lab very successfully in a variety of venues and events, often situated in the main room.

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