The Dark Parlour

The only one of its kind in the world, the Dark Parlour is a complete theatrical set-up that Alex has devised for corporate events and parties, where the client wants something a “little bit different”. Of course, it is also fantastic for Halloween!

Perfect for Halloween!

One of the uses for Dark Parlour would be where it is situated in the bar/reception area with a few chairs in front of the table. Then during the evening, guests would come up to the table, sit down and be entertained with close up weirdness. One thing almost guaranteed – and that is there will be a queue all night long as people return again and again to sample more of this unique dark experience!the Dark Parlour

The Dark Parlour is also great for private parties. Imagine a room set aside, lit just by candles where the guests could go during the course of the evening for a few minutes of “strange” .

Voodoo, witchcraft, Jack the Ripper, shrunken heads, skulls, candles stuffed monkey’s paws and much more…

Spooky music and lighting, the smell of incense, and weird props go together to provide a great atmosphere. These are the ultimate conditions, to witness this unique style of performance.

Some frequently asked questions…

  • Is this only suitable for Halloween? – No the Dark Palour has been used with great success all year round – even at Christmas!
  • What do I need to supply? – If you can supply a table and five chairs, Alex will bring everything else along to make sure the set looks amazing.
  • How long does a performance typically last? – Due to the popularity of the Dark Parlour, Alex normally performs for up to 4 hours.  This ensures everyone gets a chance to enjoy the experience
  • Does it have to be in a separate room? – No, Alex has used the Dark Parlour very successfully in a variety of venues and events, often situated in the main room.

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